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Episode 27: Bert Massie - A life without limits

Episode 27: Bert Massie - A life without limits

July 3, 2019
Over the years I've totally geeked out on both disability rights and civil rights. There's nothing better than a leader building a movement, defying the odds, and beating Goliath.
A big reason for me wanting to learn about this subject, is to inform my disability activism today. 
"We have to understand the past to shape our future"
I've been blessed to learn directly from people who won legislative protection and independent living for so many otherwise excluded people. 
In a particular book I learned about 2 key people - Phil Friend and Bert Massie.
I contacted both, sharing my vision, my questions and asking for guidance. Both kindly replied to me. Phil was on an early episode of my podcast, and has taken a few phone calls from me over the years. Bert was unfortunately too unwell to talk, and later passed away.
Last week Berts posthumous book was launched. So I invited Phil back on my show, to share his favourite parts in the book, and of Berts life.
I finally got to hear some of what Bert would have told me on our phone call. Luckily for you, his words are awaiting your attention too. Whether you're disabled or not, his life was remarkable, and one worth learning from. As well as celebrating. 
As Phil points out, Bert was funny as well as impactful. So don't presume the books all politics and activism. There's most definitely something for everyone...
Episode 26: Ann Hawkins - Networking for impact

Episode 26: Ann Hawkins - Networking for impact

June 21, 2019
Networking has been around forever. Early homo sapiens understood that together survival was more likely. Literally. 
A tribe could more easily defend itself from predators. A tribe could hunt more effectively. A tribe generally was better than going solo.
Today we don't struggle so much with predators or going hunting. Aside from a pub fight or going to the supermarket. But in our new world of technology and the knowledge economy, networking is more vital than ever.
Unfortunately some people have tarnished the reputation of such events. They think turning up, giving out loads of business cards, and pitching their product/service is appropriate. 
Let's be clear. This is not effective. For the business owner and for the customer and for the overall problem being solved.
Soon after I started blogging, I met Ann Hawkins. Just like me she was using blogging, social media and tribes to change the world. 
I was asked to speak at her Cambridge event for local small business owners. It was my first taste of what in person networking should look like. 
Everyone wanted to help each other. No agenda. No caveats. No conditions. Yet everbodys business benefited. Amazing!
Since then Ann has used these win:win networking moments, online and offline. In this interview we hear the journey to this amazing world, and what Drive! the network is doing now.
Episode 25: Depika Mistry - Intuition and Energy

Episode 25: Depika Mistry - Intuition and Energy

May 26, 2019
My podcast started with disabled influencers, progressed into business and marketing from World Changers, and in the latest episode we venture into a different theme.
In the end I want to share the many amazing people and experiences I have. So you can take away from it whatever is relevant at the time for you.
Having attended Mindvalley University, I've been encouraged to grow in many personal and professional ways. One being in the theme of intuition and energy. 
I also had the pleasure of meeting many cool people through Mindvalley too. One being Depika Mistry. She even came all the way from London to meet Kasia and I at home, after the Barcelona event. 
In our chat you'll hear more on when we connected, how Depika found her amazing talent, what she's using it for now, and her plans for the future. 
Plus we look at how natural elements are so important for mental and physical wellbeing. Throwing in some of the increasing body of scientific evidence for intuition.
This topic has pushed me hard to consider things I used to totally dismiss. Plus I'm still tussling with some of it now. So I'd love to know your thoughts and experiences on it too.
Hope you enjoy it. One things for sure, Depika is helping so many people. Moreover she is an awesome woman to hang out and put the world to rights with.
Episode 24: Bailey Richert - Infopreneurship

Episode 24: Bailey Richert - Infopreneurship

May 4, 2019
I realised recently I've been blogging for 10 years in August. Using such a relatively new tool has been hard from a business model perspective. 
Authors, radio producers, tv presenters, magazine editors all know how to get paid for their craft. Blogging has had to work all this out.
Whilst I quickly found out I could be a paid consultant and speaker, I dreamed of another way to fund my blog digitally. To empower my community is priority. Paying my bills is a must.
Gradually the notion of coaching came to bloggers. After all, if you're sharing interesting ideas in your writing or videos, why not go deeper to help others.
1:1 and even group coaching can only scale so far. Finally information products were born. You just need to package your intellectual property, aka your unique experiences, into paid for content. Online learning is now a booming industry!
If I'm honest, I'm still working all this out. On Disability Horizons we support a group of people less willing/able to pay for such products. Meaning we're looking into other ways of funding it. 
However I ran my first ever paid for course for World Changers this year, and the feedback was phenomenal :-) 
I've now got the infopreneur bug!
On my journey I came across Bailey Richert. She's a coach and expert for infopreneurs just like me. Kindly Bailey agreed to be on my podcast and share all of her amazing wisdom and insights.
I hope you enjoy this episode...
Episode 23: Seth Godin - Marketing as a philosophy

Episode 23: Seth Godin - Marketing as a philosophy

March 25, 2019
I've had a few mentors in my life. Some teachers. Some line managers. Some absolute idols of mine.
Along the way I learned that we don't have to meet someone to learn from their experience. I've ended up with mentors from blogs, books and film too.
One of my role models is an American guy called Seth Godin. Hes the godfather of digital marketing. I read his blogs every day! 
Often marketing is seen as a dirty way to sell useless stuff to people. But Seth (and I) see it otherwise.
In a world of social stagnation and sometimes decline, we need everybody to be a World Changer. To step up. To speak out. To take action.
Otherwise our education system, our business culture, our social interactions and much more will implode. We need innovation and social change like never before. 
This podcast was an absolute privilege to record. I know you will take away so much value from this conversation. Its a short guidebook to using marketing for good. 
We discuss being a prolific writer, teaching to change culture, and at the end we hit on what real impact looks like.
Episode 22: Jason Goldberg - Prison Break

Episode 22: Jason Goldberg - Prison Break

February 28, 2019
We all feel stuck from time to time. My latest podcast guest was stuck in a body, a job and a life he didn't want. The thing that changed everything was a shift in mindset. Jason realised he was in a prison that could be broken out of.
As you'll hear, I first met Jason when he spoke in Tallinn last summer. Before helping me down a step in a bar :-) What really struck me about him was his use of humour and hip hop to deliver his powerful message. 
I hope you get even half as much from Jasons work as I did. Plus as a special offer to my followers, you can pick up his book Prison Break for free here
I hope you enjoy the show!
Episode 21: Tanni Grey-Thompson - Changing the world for disabled people

Episode 21: Tanni Grey-Thompson - Changing the world for disabled people

January 25, 2019

It’s not every day that I get to meet someone working in the House of Lords. It’s also not every day that I get to meet a famous sports person with countless Paralympic medals. And it’s really not every day that I get to meet someone who embodies both of these massive achievements.

One day last year, I found myself interviewing one of my heroes. The awesome Tanni Grey-Thompson.

Starting her athletic career with 100m wheelchair racing back in 1984, Tanni travelled to Seoul for her first international race in 1988, winning a bronze medal. She then went on to win 16 Paralympic medals – 11 golds, four silvers and a bronze. Added to that, she’s won many World Championship medals – six gold, five silver and two bronze.

Through her fantastic achievements, she’s become a role model and ambassador for many disabled people, globally.

In our interview, Tanni reveals how a career in athletics resulted in a new career in politics and, ultimately, making a difference for disabled people across the world.

Now influencing the laws made in the UK, the stakes are high for Tanni. In an ever-changing world of innovation and global community, Tanni is working tirelessly with her allies to protect those who may be left behind. I love Tanni’s passion for truth and change.

Thank you to Tanni for taking the time out for this interview. Not only did she spare time to record this, she’s also revealed her top five tips for political activism, which was aired in our exclusive DHorizons Tribe on Facebook. I can tell you now, her advice was also very insightful.

Episode 20: AJ Leon - You are the protagonist

Episode 20: AJ Leon - You are the protagonist

January 7, 2019
I knew I needed to get out. There wasn't anything dangerous going down, but I felt a pull to go and see the world. However people don't just quit their jobs. Not away from the movies anyway. So I needed a plan!
Its funny how a strong feeling and a vision can lead to serendipitous moments. Not long after I broadened my horizons, I met AJ and Melissa Leon.
I've shared a few times the impact this beautiful couple had on my life. They empowered me to create, to blog, to educate, to share my vision of inclusion, and to go explore the world.
In this podcast episode I get to sit with AJ, pass on his powerful story to you guys, ask questions I'd never got the chance to ask, and generally enjoy this amazing guys wisdom.
We discuss how you should be the protagonist of your life's story (adventure is good). You'll also learn about balancing this with helping others and earning a stable income. An all important triangle. 
It's all gold dust. I hope you take something extremely helpful away for yourself from this interview :-) 
Thank you to AJ for giving up his time, and to both him and Melissa for being such powerful role models on my journey.
Episode 19: Ajit Nawalkha - Live Big

Episode 19: Ajit Nawalkha - Live Big

December 7, 2018
After 18 episodes of interviewing the cream of the crop in disabled talent, I'm tweaking the shows format. There'll still be disabled guests, but not every time. 
You see, I want to promote inclusion. Whilst highlighting disabled influencers is a part of the mission, bringing inspirational people with world changing messages across different causes is more vital.
Ajit is a great guy, who empowers thousands of people to live the best life they want to live. His journey from an overcrowded house in India, to running a large education company (Mindvalley) is so insightful. 
In this episode you'll hear how I met Ajit, his story, his insightful wisdom, all about his brand new book 'Live Big' and so much more!
Episode 18: Simon Minty - The Economics of Inclusion

Episode 18: Simon Minty - The Economics of Inclusion

May 16, 2018
In one of the first episodes of the Martyn Sibley show I interviewed Phil Friend. Along with his friend and business partner Simon Minty, they paved the way for inclusion of disabled consumers and employees.
We have a lot to thank them for!
So it was really nice to sit down and talk with the other member of the dynamic duo. Since revolutionising a whole set of industries, Simon has also branched out into other pursuits.
You will probably have heard him on the BBC Ouch podcast. He and Phil have their own podcast too. Plus Simon loves a bit of comedy. It was a really interesting and enjoyable interview to make.