The Martyn Sibley Show

Episode 7 - Storme Toolis: Sexuality and Stereotypes

June 20, 2017

I first came across Storme Toolis in the Inbetweeners. Although not by name. I just remember the scene by the swimming pool. Where the lads realised they were stealing her family's sunbed. Making her cry.

However I found out she'd already had a far bigger break before...

In this episode of The Martyn Sibley Show, we hear all about Stormes journey into acting. The dreams. The risk taking. The support. The set backs. Plus a bit about the future.

She's gone onto work in social education, whilst still growing her acting career. Storme adapted Romeo and Juliet, in turn encouraging all women to love themselves more. Body confidence is so important in today's model filled adverts. Plus she starred in one of the naughty Maltesers adverts, that we all loved for its challenging of stereotypes. And it's cheekyness.

We do conclude there's more work to be done. Storme goes to show, at the same time, its all there for the taking. If you dare to dream and go for it.