The Martyn Sibley Show

Episode 10: Cory Lee - Global Jetsetter

October 15, 2017
Since meeting the expert for all things travel and disability related, Cory and I have spoken a couple of times. It was cool to hear about each others travels, blogs, communities, and so forth.
However we hadn't discussed what life was like growing up with the same condition (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) in different continents. Would schools be the same? Would friendships be the same? Would transport and leisure be the same?
So when Cory agreed to be on my podcast, I was excited to explore this topic. I know you're going to enjoy listening to us discuss this.
Plus we covered Corys blog, his pass travels, and future plans. He even gives a great tip on transferring to an aeroplane seat with special pants (trousers to us Brits!). 
Here's the link to the travel pants on his own website.
In particular I really liked hearing about why Cory loved Israel so much. Furthermore he's got some great plans in the pipeline!