The Martyn Sibley Show

Episode 8 - Dom Hyams: Visualising Dreams That Come True

August 7, 2017
In my latest podcast you'll meet the guy who's lived his own wildest dreams. From travelling around Europe, and having it made into a tv documentary. To working on the Olympic and Paralympic Games for a tv production company. 
And beyond...
Dom is a very cool guy. He's currently working with assist-Mi, the app connecting disabled people and service providers (you may have seen this recent article where I tried out their train feature). 
In bridging the gap between service providers and disabled consumers, I'm hopeful of further progress for inclusion and equality. By visualising a world where everyone can access mainstream good and services, we'll all seek out the answers. Businesses will seek out a more diverse market share. Disabled people will seek out the innovative companies catering to them.
From his traumatic early years with brittle bone disease. From his battle into independent living at university. Finally through his determination into employment. Dom is not only living his dreams. He's making a whole community of people's dreams come true.