Episode 12 - Carrie-Ann: A Kindred Spirit

April 18, 2018
Its not unusual to find other people who like travelling. In my line of work I also know many disabled people. However it is not so usual to meet a real kindred spirit for accessible tourism. Luckily a few years ago I met Carrie-Anne from Tourism for All. Not only does she love travelling, but she's also a blogger. It's honestly hard to get a word in edgeways between the two of us when we get together :-)
Carrie-Anne runs the information service for the UKs accessible tourism charity. This involves supporting disabled people and their families with the right information for their travels. It also involves supporting businesses on how to be open and accessible for disabled travellers.
In her spare time she is with her husband Darren and her beautiful dog traversing the sights of Cumbria. Somehow she still finds time to go abroad for blogging trips. Just like the one we recently both attended in Madrid, Spain.
Carrie-Ann really enjoys documenting both her experiences and the general information that helps others. Plus she throws in some really cool photos and videos to enhance her blogging content.

Episode 11 - Dan White: Dream Like a Kid

February 2, 2018
I met Dan virtually a couple of years ago on a Disability Horizons podcast. He'd had a couple of interviews for his new inclusive comic series. Including one on mainstream tv.
The comic was inspired by his daughter Emily who is disabled. She stars in the 'Department of Ability' stories. With her powerful wheelchair ways. Sounds familiar right?
I've watched Dan grow in his self belief, embracing the media challenges, and really pushing his message. One that resonates with me so much. A message that says 'why the bloody hell are disabled kids not in kids stories'?
The comic has since had global attention. Their theme tune was performed live with Dan and Emily on stage - in America! So rock and roll. 
In this podcast episode Dan and I catch up about his journey, the challenges and dreams he has for the project. It's great to be reminded that we all should have dreams to strive for.
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Episode 10 - Cory Lee: Global Jetsetter

October 15, 2017
Since meeting the expert for all things travel and disability related, Cory and I have spoken a couple of times. It was cool to hear about each others travels, blogs, communities, and so forth.
However we hadn't discussed what life was like growing up with the same condition (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) in different continents. Would schools be the same? Would friendships be the same? Would transport and leisure be the same?
So when Cory agreed to be on my podcast, I was excited to explore this topic. I know you're going to enjoy listening to us discuss this.
Plus we covered Corys blog, his pass travels, and future plans. He even gives a great tip on transferring to an aeroplane seat with special pants (trousers to us Brits!). 
Here's the link to the travel pants on his own website.
In particular I really liked hearing about why Cory loved Israel so much. Furthermore he's got some great plans in the pipeline!

Episode 9 - Jason Wilsher-Mills: Technology and Art for Social Change

September 20, 2017
After a break over the summer, I'm back with a new podcast episode. This time with a fantastic disabled artist. 
Jason became disabled from chicken pox. Something I'd never heard of before. Through a journey of ups and downs, he's doing his dream job. 
The thing that really fascinated me about Jasons work was his use of technology. He started out creating his art on his ipad. Now he's onto digital augmentation and sculptures.
As awesome are his creations, and intriguing are his tools, he's also challenging social issues. Through his own self expression, Jason is breaking down barriers that disable people.
One of the stories you'll love in this episode is how he got an accessible loo installed in the United Arab Emirates. That's absolute change and improvement in the world!

Episode 8 - Dom Hyams: Visualising Dreams That Come True

August 7, 2017
In my latest podcast you'll meet the guy who's lived his own wildest dreams. From travelling around Europe, and having it made into a tv documentary. To working on the Olympic and Paralympic Games for a tv production company. 
And beyond...
Dom is a very cool guy. He's currently working with assist-Mi, the app connecting disabled people and service providers (you may have seen this recent article where I tried out their train feature). 
In bridging the gap between service providers and disabled consumers, I'm hopeful of further progress for inclusion and equality. By visualising a world where everyone can access mainstream good and services, we'll all seek out the answers. Businesses will seek out a more diverse market share. Disabled people will seek out the innovative companies catering to them.
From his traumatic early years with brittle bone disease. From his battle into independent living at university. Finally through his determination into employment. Dom is not only living his dreams. He's making a whole community of people's dreams come true.

Episode 7 - Storme Toolis: Sexuality and Stereotypes

June 20, 2017

I first came across Storme Toolis in the Inbetweeners. Although not by name. I just remember the scene by the swimming pool. Where the lads realised they were stealing her family's sunbed. Making her cry.

However I found out she'd already had a far bigger break before...

In this episode of The Martyn Sibley Show, we hear all about Stormes journey into acting. The dreams. The risk taking. The support. The set backs. Plus a bit about the future.

She's gone onto work in social education, whilst still growing her acting career. Storme adapted Romeo and Juliet, in turn encouraging all women to love themselves more. Body confidence is so important in today's model filled adverts. Plus she starred in one of the naughty Maltesers adverts, that we all loved for its challenging of stereotypes. And it's cheekyness.

We do conclude there's more work to be done. Storme goes to show, at the same time, its all there for the taking. If you dare to dream and go for it.

Episode 6 - Suzanne Bull - Music Without Barriers

June 1, 2017

When Suzanne Bull from Attitude is Everything agreed to be on the podcast, I was so excited. I really wanted to know how the progress for accessible music venues had been made. What had been difficult and joyful in getting there. Also what else lay ahead in their plans.

It was fascinating to hear how most large venues are so much better now. Also how it's the smaller venues that need advice and guidance on accessibility. Rome wasn't built in a day.

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode. I came away feeling very uplifted. Music really gives a natural high. Something all people should experience. Both alone and in a big community. If you haven't been to a gig or festival, please make it happen.

If you'd like to read more about Attitude is Everything. Particularly if you'd like to support them with mystery shopping (including free tickets to events) then go to http://www.attitudeiseverything.org.uk.

Episode 5 - Liz Sayce - Community Participation and Universal Design

May 12, 2017

Recently I was lucky enough to interview Liz Sayce. Currently transitioning as CEO of Disability Rights UK to new adventures. It was a great time to look both back and forwards at the disability rights movement.

In this podcast Liz talks about the early battles. The hard campaigns fought just for disabled people to be heard. Let alone to win political and legal gains. It wasn't easy, quick or simple. But the original activists did it. Disabled people eventually got their legislative protection - the Equalities Act 2012 as it is now.

In this great interview we agree on two very fundamental points. Two points for disabled people's rights to be upheld and improved. All people (whether disabled or not actually), should have both community participation, and universal design.

Episode 4 - Ruth Owen: Transport and Individual Responsibility

April 15, 2017

Ruth Owen faced the many barriers all wheelchair users come up against in life. The steps. The attitudes. The processes. Ruth also lived in Africa for a while, later working in the UK tech business world, and now is CEO of the disability charity Whizz Kids.

In our interview we explore the amazing journey Ruth has been on. Her insights into employment, empowering others, and changing the world for the better are fantastic.

The two important areas Ruth advocates for are; inclusive transport, and individual responsibility for change. I know you're going to love hearing her explanation on these poignant topics.

Please can you follow/rate the podcast, share it on social media, and let me know your thoughts on new guests? Much appreciated :-)

Episode 3 - Tony Heaton: Arty Activist

March 13, 2017

Can art change the world?

In this podcast we meet the amazing Tony Heaton, CEO of Shape Arts.

Hear how in his early days he managed music bands, dug deep for his true self, and went onto become a world famous sculpture.

With Queens honours, a commission for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and a career full of impact. He's certainly done something right.

It seems, after all, art really can change the world!