The Martyn Sibley Show

Episode 6: Suzanne Bull - Music Without Barriers

June 1, 2017

When Suzanne Bull from Attitude is Everything agreed to be on the podcast, I was so excited. I really wanted to know how the progress for accessible music venues had been made. What had been difficult and joyful in getting there. Also what else lay ahead in their plans.

It was fascinating to hear how most large venues are so much better now. Also how it's the smaller venues that need advice and guidance on accessibility. Rome wasn't built in a day.

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode. I came away feeling very uplifted. Music really gives a natural high. Something all people should experience. Both alone and in a big community. If you haven't been to a gig or festival, please make it happen.

If you'd like to read more about Attitude is Everything. Particularly if you'd like to support them with mystery shopping (including free tickets to events) then go to